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Publisher & Policy

Editorial Process: 

Manuscript submitted for publication to IJCMSDR is assumed to be submitted only to the IJCMSDR unless the contrary is stated or specified by author.

The Editor retains the right to change the style and if necessary, edit and shorten any manuscript accepted for publication.

Manuscripts submitted to IJCMSDR  must be original and must be sent in MS world file to us. 
Manuscripts will be initially reviewed by an Editor and members of editorial Board for feasibility of acceptance as blind review for Quality, originality, plagiarism check & submission as per guidelines.
The rejected articles will be discarded from our database within 48 hours.
The provisionally accepted article will be sent for second blind Peer Review towards two experts with one from same specialty or study area.

IJCMSDR will complete the review process within 3-5  days.

We follow double blind peer review process.

On the comments from reviewers asked authors for updates , changes etc. If the article is rejected by them is immediately inform author.

The finalized article by the author is send to our design section for Proof .

Once proof is ready, it is send by mail to author for final check.

Publisher Policy:

All articles published in IJCMSDR including original articles, review articles, case reports etc. by authors represent the opinion or view of the author and do not reflect the any official policy of IJCMSDR/Publishers.

Material, which has been previously published or accepted for publication, will not be considered for publication in IJCMSDR. Submission of a manuscript is interpreted as a statement of certification that no part of the manuscript is copyrighted by any other publisher nor is under review by any other publication. By submitting your manuscript to IJCMSDR , you agree the copyright guidelines. It is your responsibility to ensure that your manuscript does not cause any copyright infringements.


Publication ethics and malpractice Guidelines:

        Herewith IJCMSDR following strict guidelines concern with publication ethics.

1.     IJCMSDR  editors always take strict evaluation steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers where occurance of any kind of research misconduct .

2.     Our team  never encourages such misconduct, or knowingly allow such misconduct of any form. 

3.     In the event that a journal’s publisher or editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct, immediately the publisher / editor shall; deal with allegations appropriately and without any delay. Strict action will be carried out for that matter.

4.     We reserve right to retracting/ editing  or correcting articles whenever needed as per policies set by us for ethical basis.

5.    Herewith Publishers and editors of IJCMSDR should always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed ,after approval from our ethical cell .

6.    IJCMSDR strictly follows International ethical laws needed for healthy and pure quality research.