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Manuscript Submission

Manuscript Submission

Issue of Plagiarisam , Conflict of interest & source of suport : 


Plagiarisam issue :

IJCMSDR strictly follows Internartional standard rules  concern with Plagiarisam .

Authors are requested not to involve in any form of practices of plagirisam. If any matter associated with such issue , strict action will be followed by our commitee. 


Souce of suport & Conflict of interest :

For any matter concern with Conflci of interest - by any form - either from author Department , group , collegues , Head of Department , Administration etc. directly or interectly showing such interest , if noted by any person , authority like Institution , Dean , MCI , DNB BOARD etc. IJCMSDR will follows strict action against such author . 

Such author will be blacklisted from us afterwards . 

Punishment from our Board : 

1. His concern article will be immdiately deleted from our database and published journal. 

2. His any further article will not be accepted by us as well as our publication house in any other journals . 

3. His name will be blacklisted in our Records in future references . 

4. Such matter will be conveyed to his concern Institution as well as  authority.