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Volume 2 Issue 1, 2020

January-February 2020

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1 Adult CXR PA View Quality Audit Based on RCR Adapted Anatomical Criteria

Ahmed Al-Tweel, Ioannis Kyriakis, Maha H. Sarmak, Dinakar Unnithan, Dev Betarse
2 Comparative and Correlational Analysis of Body Mass Index and Age among Healthy Young Adults in Niger Delta University

Kelvin Kiridi , Michael Egbejimi , Emily Kiridi , Peter Erigbali
3 Pain Perception among Orthodontic Patients in Benghazi City

Dr.Iman Abdelgadier || Wisal Elfergani
4 Genetics: The New Link in Obstructive Sleep Apnea - A Review

Dr. Kiran Natarajan, Dr. Vijaya Krishnan || Dr. Sarrath Rathnaraajan || Dr. Anusree V || Prof. R.S. Anand Kumar || Prof. Mohan Kameswaran
5 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Bach Flowers on the Inhibition of Streptococcus Mutans. In Vitro Study

Líssya Tomaz da Costa Gonçalves || Nathale Cruz Batista || Camila Possal de Paula || Ana Beatriz Sliachticas Monteiro || Gabriela Alessandra da Cruz Galhardo Camargo
6 Mental Health in South Asia: Resource Scarcity and Systemic Neglect

Dr. Anwar Islam